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Company Incorporation in Andorra

How to start an Andorran limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Andorra.





In many cases, the company may have one hundred percent foreign ownership.

In business captions, you must have a nominative shareholder, who is resident in Andorra.


A minimum of two directors are required at all times. A President has to be appointed which has Andorran nationality. The law requires that the second director act as Secretary of the Company, this person must be resident in Andorra. The directors’ details must be kept at the registered office and this information should be available for public inspection.

Share Capital

The share capital must be paid in full before the incorporation. The amount must be deposited in an Andorran bank, in a designated incorporation account. Then the bank must issue a special certificate, addressed to the designated notary, responsible for completing formalities for the constitution.

Annual accounts

Accounting information and books must remain in the registered office of the company, but these need not be audited or filed with local authorities.