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Where shall I open a Bank Account?

Incorporation and Maintenance of Companies

Simple Models for an International Structure

  • Offshore company with fiscal transparency
  • Business in Europe with a European VAT number
  • Offshore company with anonimity

We open bank accounts for offshore companies in the following countries:

  Jurisdiction Bank Annonimity Do I need to open an account? Client Services Languages Honorarios
chipre Cyprus Yes No English, Russian, Greek Prices
letonia Letonia Yes No Russian, English, Spanish, others Prices
hungría Hungary Limited No Spanish and others Prices
andorra Andorra Yes Yes Catalan, Spanish, French Prices
suiza Switzerland Yes Yes Spanish, German, French Prices
bandera san vicente Saint Vincent Yes No Spanish and others Prices
bandera espana Spain No No Spanish, english and others Prices

The prices are different for opening a bank account. If the company has a complicated structure, it is better to open a new company, simply to obtain a bank account.

Guidance on opening a company bank account in Europe, the bank reference here.



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