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Incorporation and Maintenance of Companies



Simple Models for Eurpean VAT Registration

  • Offshore company with fiscal transparency
  • Business in Europe with a European VAT number
  • Offshore company with anonimity

To obtain European VAT number

  Jurisdiction Difficulty Price Maintenance
chequia Czech Republic Very easy, very fast Moderate Medium-high, complex
chipre Cyprus Very east, fast High High-simple
eslovaquia Slovakia Very east, fast Moderate Moderate-Complicated
malta Malta Easy, fast Medium-High Medium-high, simple
polonia Poland Very easy, very fast Moderate Medium-High, complex
francia France Very easy, very fast Medium-High Moderate, simple
portugal Portugal Very easy, very fast High Medium-high, simple
hungría Hungary Very easy, very fast Medium-High Medium-high, simple
isla-de-man Isle of Man Easy Medium-High Medium-high, simple
rumania Romania Easy Moderate Medium-high, simple


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