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ASELSA - Models of Holding Company Structures

Group Structure: Holding Company


En general, it is easy to achieve a company in which there are no tax payments on dividends for companies that operate in a group. It is also possible not to pay capital gains generated on important sales of shares in some jurisdictions.

Useful examples are :

españa Spain malta Malta reino-unido United Kingdom
chipre Cyprus luxemburgo Luxembourg dinamarca Denmark
holanda Netherlands república-checa Czech Republic suiza Switzerland

When choosing a holding company

Exemptions on the payment of taxes on the income that the holding company recieves in dividends tick-verde
Bilateral agreements; to avoid paying retentions on the dividends of the companies in the group tick-verde
Exemptions on the payment of taxes on capital gain - on the sale of shareholding in subsidiaries tick-verde
Retentions on payment dividends for holding company tick-verde

Aswell as the four points above mentioned, it is necesary to coment on your plans of investment in the future, and the measure in which beneficiaries need money to spend in a short time. A structure requires planification, we can help with this.

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