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Incorporation and Maintenance of Companies



Choosing an offshore model: options:

  • Offshore company with fiscal transparency
  • Business in Europe with a European VAT number
  • Offshore company with anonimity
  Jurisdicción Initial Price Annual Prices More Information
belice Belize Very Low Very Low Classic model, frequent use
seychelles Seychelles Low Low Classic model, frequent use
islas-vírgenes BVI Moderate Moderate Many advantages
reino-unido UK: LLP Low Moderate Complicated
florida Florida LLP Moderate Moderate Not necessarily
panamá Panama Moderate Moderate Classic Model
liberia Liberia Moderate Moderate Similar Belize
gibraltar Gibraltar Moderate Moderate Complicated
hong-kong Hong Kong: non resident Medium High Medium High Very protected for international trade
costa-rica Costa Rica: non resident Medium High Medium High Protected, consult with us
chipre Cyprus: non resident Medium High Medium High Can be exent but not european
suiza Switzerland High High Low taxes

Orientation: Company Incorporation

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