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ASELSA - Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions

Key principles:

  • We do not send copìes of our terms and conditions to any clients, however these are available on our website in English and Spanish.
  • Any perceived working relationship is determined by Spanish contact law, subject to any special provisions determined by the Courts of Madrid
  • We are engaged in professional work, which may assistance in incorporating a company, legalising a document, the sale and purchase of a ready-made company or the submission of tax or returns for statistical purposes. While our fees state that we may incorporate a company, transfer a ready-made company or legalise a document, in common with all companies which work in our sector: we endevour to advise clients of reasons why a legalisation process may fail or why a company cannot be operative because of local restrictions or because of laws restricting activity, however, the client is expected to research the nedd for licenses, visas, or trips to a place, before contacting us. WE ARE CONTRACTED TO ASSIST IN THE LEGALISATION OF DOCUMENTS OR ASSIST IN THE INCORPORATION OR PURSHASE/SALE OF A COMPANY BUT WE CANNOT ASSESS WHETHER YOU HAVE THE CORRECT LICENSES, VISAS OR HAVE DEDICATED RESOURCES, TO ENSURE THAT ANY DOCUMENT WILL BE USEFUL OR AN INCORPORATED COMPANY WILL BE OPERABLE.

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