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The Company in Bahamas

How to start a limited company in Bahamas. Incorporation or formation of a company in Bahamas.


Process of incorporating a company in Bahamas

We can incorporate a company in three days of your request and the documents will be in your hands for about ten days later.

Advantages of Bahamas


There is the IBC (International Society of Commerce), which is a similar type of company as the IBC in other jurisdictions like the Bahamas is part of the Commonwealth, where the tax on capital gains, income, inheritance, the transaction not imposed for a period of 20 years from the date of incorporation. Do not comparacer notary, or visit the country. We just need to:

  • Name and address of the administrators
  • Name and address of the shareholders.

In general, prices are subject to a charge of 21% Spanish VAT.

We specialize in creating, maintain, manage, establish or incorporate your company or business enterprise in the Bahamas.