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Company Incorporation in Belgium

What do I have to do to administer a limited company
in Belgium? Accounts, annual statements, annuities,
registered office



A company in Belgium is administered with:

  • Maintenance of the company’s office. This means an annuity to the people administering
    the registered office
  • Presentation of annual accounts for the company
  • Annual statement of corporate tax
  • Annuity for nominative directors, nominative shareholders

Dates for submission of books, financial statements and tax returns

You have to choose a financial year for your company. Statements depend on the fiscal year chosen.

Do not hesitate in contacting us. We will help you decide the starting date and deadlines relating to your company.


Simply ask a question on the tax aspects you wish to know.

Approximate prices and annuities

Head Office (approximate price):

  • accordance with the laws about head office
  • reception and attention to the legal mail of the company
Presentation of annual accounts, with sending of the tax declaration (approximate price; dependent on low activity)

We specialize in creating, administering, managing, forming or incorporating your company or business enterprise in Belgium.