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Company Incorporation in Belgium

How to start an Belgian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Belgium.

The trading company in Belgium

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  • Deposit the initial capital in a bank
  • Deposit a financial plan at the notary’s
  • File with the local commercial court
  • Registration with the municipal court

Initial capital deposit

Deposit at least 20% of the initial capital with a Belgian credit institution and obtain the standard certification confirming that the amount is held in a blocked capital account. Deposit a financial plan at the notary’s.

The financial plan contains a description and justification for the amount of initial capital and must show that the initial capital will cover the operations of the company for at least the first two years.

Publish a notice and register the Incorporation Act

A notice is to be published in the official Gazette for commercial affairs of Belgium. The constitution is also registered with the Companies Registry.

File with the local Commercial Court

File with the local commercial court (Tribunal de Commerce / Rechtbank furgoneta Koophandel) also file for publication in the Belgian Official Gazette.