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Limited Companies in Belgium: Taxes.

What do I need to manage a Belgian limited company? Accounting, annual returns, annual payments, registered office

Companies and taxation in Belgium.

Company taxes: Belgium belgica
Belgium: Managing the company
How to incorporate?

There are tax advantages for Groups or individual company, which may wish to establish in Belgium.

The country is not a tax haven, but there is a network of double tax agreements that offer some big advantages.

Requirements and procedure to register for taxes for a SàRL/ BVBA company

After the incorporation, the company needs to register with the Belastingsdienst/ Service des Impôts (the taxation service).

Taxation of companies in Belgium

In 2012, based on the taxable profits:

  • For a company with less than € 322,500 there are reduced rates, assuming the company is independent.
  • If profits are higher than € 322,500 the rate is at 33%, plus a special increment of 3%, because of the recession.
  • The effective rate is 33.99%

Withholding taxes on Dividends.

Normally this is at 25%, but can be reduced to zero; when:

  • The owner is a company taxable in the European Union
  • In many double tax treaties the rate has been negotiated at 0%
  • For a shareholder with a substantial holding, there is a special exemption.

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