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Company Incorporation in Belize

How to start a Belize limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Belize.



Why Belize is our choice for a company internationally?

We can form a company in the same day your order, and the documents will be in your hands about ten days later.

Advantages of Belize

There is the IBC (International Trade), which is a similar type of company and the IBC in other Caribbean jurisdictions. Belize came to the forefront simply because professional English speakers who belong to the Independent State, were prepared to reduce fees on the smaller islands and in Panama.

Explanation of the International Business Companies

The law of the IBC (International Trade), was introduced in 1990 for the enforcement of extraterritorial jurisdiction of the Belize IBC (International Society of Commerce in Belize), which was subsequently amended to reflect the changes required for the purpose of providing overseas services more efficient are there in Belize.

Pricing and management of the company

A society of Belize does not have a very high cost

  • The only costs to be paid each year:
  • The head office
  • An annual government
  • A registered agent in Belize