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Company Incorporation in Bulgaria

How to start an Bulgarian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Bulgaria.



The Limited Partnership - (s ogranichena Druzestvo otgovornost - DOO)

Company Formation Procedure: Bulgaria bulgaria
Company Taxes in Bulgaria

This is a commercial company with share capital owned
by shareholders whose liability is limited to the sum of subscribed capital.
A private corporation can be founded
by one or more persons, including foreign natural or legal persons.
The minimum capital for society is divided into
5,000 parts LEV to the nominal value of 10 LEV each.
The statutory bodies of private companies are limited by the general meeting of shareholders to be held at least once a year, and the managing director or the board.
A single-member limited liability partnership is called EOOD.

Property is acquired by a natural Person or a legal person. The sole shareholder exercises the powers of the general assembly and the managing director or the board is appointed to monitor the companies to form a Limited Company in Bulgaria

How does the incorporation work?

The following steps are needed:

  • Decide on the name of your company, thereafter proceed to check whether the name is available to proceed with the reservation of name for his company
  • Draft Articles of Association
  • Form the capital with a minimum of 5000 Lev (local currency) around 2500 €.
  • Obtaining the bank under pressure less than 70 5 of the registered capital has been paid.
  • Management Agree-structure
  • Get your registration in the commercial register of the relevant District Court.
  • Wait for a publication issued by the court in the State Gazette.

The Registry of society then completed with the following:

  • Registration in the National Statistical Institute and receive their number BULSTAT. This must be done within three days after the registration of the company. ·
  • Register at the territorial division of the National Social Security Institute. ·
  • Register at the territorial tax office within 14 days after registration

Normally the whole process involves a 20 - to 30 days.