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Company Incorporation in Canada

How to start a Canadian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Canada.



What kinds of companies exist in Canada?


They can be federal companies, but are most likely be just for one province.

Federal Companies

The normal limited companies can be established at federal level in Canada. A company operating nationally or in several provinces may be according to the Federal Companies Law.

Limited Liability Companies

These are by private agreement like the LLC in the United States. Two or more persons combine their resources to establish a business.

There is a contract, which is like the Deed of Incorporation, but is a private document

These LLCs, if incorporated in English will have the words "Limited", "Ltd.", "Incorporated", "Inc.", "Corporation" or "Corp." as a suffix

Simple Partnerships

All partners involved in the management of the company and are personally liable for all debts and obligations of the company. This means that each partner is responsible for the acts of other partners and must bear the consequences.

General Partnership with some partners with Limited Liability

Some members are key partners who control and manage the company and be entitled to greater benefits, while others limited partners contribute capital only, and do not participate in the control or management of the company, and are only responsible for debts some degree.

The Partership Agreement is a private document between the partners.