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Company Incorporation in Costa Rica

How to start a Costa Rican limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in
Costa Rica.



Online gaming license in Costa Rica

Incorporating in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a center for online casinos, since it has the best infrastructure available in the Caribbean. People who want an online casino have chosen Costa Rica as its country of registration because:

  • there is no prohibition of the activity
  • it is very economical getting a license for an online gaming company

To obtain an online casino license in Costa Rica

  • You must be licensed to trade
  • In the last legislation, it was not necessary to have a server in Costa Rica
  • Sometimes, depending on the structure, it would be required to pay a trading tax to the local authorities

Using the gaming license in the European Union

Of course, if your customers are in the EU, you may require for your business in Costa Rica:

  • A business account in the European Union in order to receive card payments.
  • A series of receivable accounts in the European Union with an agency in order to pay bills and enter as needed