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Company Incorporation in Croatia

How to start a Croatian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Croatia.



How to incorporate your company in Croatia

Starting up a private limited company in Croatia requires registration with the Commercial Court, Central Bureau of Statistics, Tax Administration,Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatian Institute for Health Insurance
Prior to registration it is necessary to check the availability of your company name with the Court Register. To use the word Croatia or any of its derived forms in the company name, founders must obtain special approval from the Central State Administrative Office for Public Administration.

Key Points of a Croatian Company

  • Check the availability of the company name by searching through the database of the Court Registry
  • A Company must have an official address in Croatia to be registered.
  • Legal documents must be certified before a public notary (the cost is an average of HRK 2,500) and registered with the Commercial Court electronically
  • Order official seal and apply for statistical registration number 
  • Open a bank account and deposit share capital
  • Authorized capital (HRK 20,000 for a private limited company)
  • Register with tax authority (porezna uprava) for VAT and employee income tax withdrawals