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Company Incorporation in Cyprus

How to start an Cypriot limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Cyprus.



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How to incorporate
Company Tax in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the sites where it is easier to establish a business, and with our service, we get all the information we need, and our colleagues do the rest. No need to make a visit. Although they form a new company is fast, already established companies also offer to give our customers a fast start. And has one of the best tax advantages in Europe, Cyprus is one of the easiest place is to open a bank account and banks with which we work are organized to accept international clients.

The "Limited Company " in Cyprus

The limited company is the most common private company in Cyprus. Almost all companies operating in Cyprus are private limited companies (SL). We can create a limited company for you at Atlantis in five days.

Advantages of incorporating a company in Cyprus

  • The documentation of business occurs in both English and Greek
  • The law is based on the British, which is easy to follow.
  • There is no withholding tax on dividend.
  •  It is very easy to get a European VAT number, only teaching that has started a business with VAT.
  •  The corporate tax is one of the lowest in the European Union, 10%.
  •  Full tax exemption on profits of non-Cypriot assets.
  •  Total exemption of tariffs for goods contracts established outside Cyprus.
  •  Employees of companies providing services in Cyprus are subject to tax on income that is half the regular rate of Cyprus: up to 20%

Other Issues with Cypriot Companies      

 Work and residence permits for foreign workers and residence permits for family members can be obtained easily if they maintain an office in Cyprus   

 Current accounts freely transferable can be kept both in Cyprus and abroad. The banking sector is extremely flexible and can be opened bank accounts without having to visit the country.