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In order to incorporate; data needed and special services offered

How to start an Cypriot limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Cyprus.

Details that we need to incorporate your company in Cyprus

Data required for Cyprus chipre
How to incorporate
Company Tax in Cyprus

To be able to create your company in Cyprus, we need the following information:

  • Chosen name of the company
  • Name of the director, date of birth, address and nationality
  • Name and address of the shareholders
  • Company object, specifying the principal activity
  • Share capital of the company
  • Number of shares subscribed to each shareholder

Registered Office Service

Each company needs to have a registered office. This office is where all the legal documents of the company need to go. This office needs to be physically located in Cyprus.

Ready-made companies

Cyprus is one of the countries where we always have a stock of ready-made companies to be sold to you.

Nominee shareholders

A resident director in Cyprus is recommended in order to take advantage of the Double Taxation Treaty. Nominee shareholders are allowed.

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