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Limited Companies in Cyprus: Taxes

What do I need to manage a Cypriot limited company? Accounting, annual returns, annual payments, registered office

Companies and taxation in Cyprus

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Company formation steps
Cyprus: data required

There are considerable tax advantages for Groups or Companies to contemplate forming a company in Cyprus.

The country is not a tax haven, but has tax agreements which means that the company would be worth considering in your plans.

Requirements and steps to register for taxes as a Cypriot limited company.

After incorporation, the company needs to register with the tax authorities.

Corporate Income Tax in Cyprus

In 2012, the tax rate will be:

  • Only 10% over the taxable income

Withholding Tax on Dividends of a Cypriot Company

Normally this is at 0%, but there can be withholding taxes on dividends paid to resident owners of the company; depending on the circumstances.

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