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Company Incorporation in the Czech Republic

How to start an Czech limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the Czech Republic.



A company in the Czech Republic is easy and fast compared to its neighbours like Germany.
Limited Partnership - Spolecnost s ručením omezeným

Features of a Czech Limited Company

Czech Republic:
Company Shares
Preconstituted company in the Czech Republic
Company Taxes in the Czech Republic
  • This type of society can not go public.
  • The rights and obligations of such company and its participants are regulated by the Commercial Code.
  • Benefits include extreme confidentiality for beneficial owners.
  • You must file an annual accounting.

Shares of a Company are not represented by certificates. The shares of a limited company to be transferred under the terms and conditions of the Commercial Code and the contract of the founders of the company.

The minimum capital required to establish a Limited Company in the Czech Republic is 200,000.

The Shareholders

A shareholder of a limited company is jointly and severally liable with the other shareholders of limited liability to the amount of the unpaid assessed contributions of all shareholders as described in the Commercial Register. However, if the contributions of all shareholders of limited liability has been fully paid, shareholders are no longer responsible for the debts of the company.

Single Person Companies

A company can be set by one person. In addition, a limited company formed by a single shareholder can not be the sole shareholder of another limited company. Moreover, an individual can only be sole shareholder of a maximum of three limited partnerships.

  • To register each class of business in the Commercial Register  
  • Obtain a business license

We must maintain a security deposit to cover losses. A Limited Company has to contribute 5% of its net profit annually in the deposit (10% in the first year of benefits but not more than 5% of registered capital).