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Company Incorporation in the Czech Republic

How to start an Czech limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the Czech Republic.



Czech Companies Key points

A shareholder in a limited partnership is jointly and severally liable with third parties.


shareholders of limited liability to the amount of unpaid contributions of all shareholders as described in the Commercial Register. However, if the contributions of all shareholders of limited liability has been paid in full, the shareholders are not liable for the debts of the company. A company can be established by one person. In addition, a limited company formed by a single shareholder can not be the sole shareholder of another limited company. Moreover, an individual can only be one shareholder to a maximum of three limited partnerships.

We must maintain a security deposit to cover losses. A limited company has to provide 5% of its net profit annually in the deposit (10% in the first year of benefits but not exceeding 5% of registered capital).

Register a Czech company

Company Taxes in the Czech Republic
Companies in Slovakia

To register each type of company in the Commercial Register, you must obtain a business license, but that's not a difficult process.

VAT in the Czech Republic

All Czech companies can be registered for VAT and a big reason for recommending the Czech society is the VAT number.

The company must be registered to trade.

We need to specify whether to make quarterly or monthly VAT returns

A supplier or a customer can easily check the status of VAT in both Czech and European records.