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Company Taxes in the Czech Republic

How to start an Czech limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the Czech Republic.



Companies and taxation in the Czech Republic

There are tax advantages for groups or individual companies, which may wish to
establish in the Czech Republic.

The country is not a tax haven, but there is a network of double tax agreements that offer some big advantages.

Requirements and steps for the registration of a company in the Czech Republic

Once it is incorporated, the company must register with the Tax Services.

Corporate tax in the Czech Republic

Company Shares in the Czech Republic republica-checa
Companies in Slovakia

In 2012, based on the taxable profits:

  • Corporate tax is 19%

Withholding taxes on Dividends

Normally this is 15%, but it can be reduced to zero when:

  • It is another company of the European Union
  • In case of many double taxation agreements
  • A major shareholder is subject to a special exemption