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Company Incorporation in the Czech Republic

How to start a Czech limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the Czech Republic.

Why a Ready made company in the Czech Republic?

Czech Republic:
Company Shares
Company Taxes in the Czech Republic

In general, in the Czech Republic, it is easier to obtain a Ready made company, even if the company only has a few months of existence.

You have to sign papers to facilitate the transfer of shares and powers as the administrator.

Advantages of a Ready made company in the Czech Republic

A Ready made company, once it is activated for business, quickly appears on the VAT registration. We have several companies existing from a different range of years, ready for sale.

The next steps are required for the transfer:

  • A power of attorney will be prepared in the Czech Republic for the person who would buy the company.
  • This will be signed in front of a notary in the country of residence of the person who wants to buy the company. Translations of powers will be available.
  • The transfer of ownership and skills will be in the Czech Republic without the need to visit the client.
  • If you want an active address in the Czech Republic and if you want to register the company as an active entity, we can organize this process.

The companies would have names without a meaning in the local language, objects that can be tailored to your needs, a standard spelling and standard social capital. All Ready made companies are incorporated and have fulfilled the law so far.