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Company Incorporation in Denmark

How to start a Danish limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Denmark.



The most common companies in Denmark are:

  • Corporation (A / S, which amounts to a Spanish SA)
    with minimum capital: DKK 500,000
  • Limited Liability Company (ApS, which is equivalent
    to a Spanish SL) with minimum capital: DKK 125,000

What is required?

To carry out the formation of a company as well as the completion of documents relating to it is needed the following information:

  • Decision on the type of society we want to form and the Company Name
  • Address of society (our firm can act as a temporary home)
  • Auditors (the firm can recommend some)
  • Founders (name, address and ID number)
  • Date of establishment and the Capital (DKK 500.000/125.000)
  • Possible limitation on the rights to sell shares
  • Eventually obligation to society to buy the shares
  • Any special rights for certain shareholders
  • Decision on the issue of paper stock
  • Decision on who should have the right to sign pde society

Registration of the Company

The company must register with the Registry. The documents should be sent to the Registry are:

  • Statutes
  • Copy readable passports of members of the Board of Directors and / or managers, if they are foreigners. If you are Danish, is sufficient to indicate the identity number of them Danish.
  • Confirmation by an auditor that the capital has been fully disbursed
  • Minutes of the constituent general assembly.