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Company Incorporation in the Dominican Republic

How to start a Dominican limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the Dominican Republic.



Steps to form a Dominican Company

Dominican Republic

The law has changed lately, so it is easier to incorporate and to use a Dominican company. The steps are:

  • Registe the trade name of the company before the competent authority in the Dominican Republic called "ONAPI
  • Preparation of the Memorandum of Association
  • Writing the list of subscriber shareholders
  • Tax payments for the incorporation
  • Get the trading certificate
  • Submit the list of shareholders to authorities
  • Make a statement before a notary of details stated in the Deeds of Incorporation
  • Celebrating the General Assembly of Shareholders to start the company
  • Get the tax identification number from the Directorate General of the Tax Agency
  • Get the tax identification card
  • .Disbursing shares
  • Getting the company seal

The Deeds of Incorporation

You need to include the following information in the Articles of Incorporation of the Company

  • Company Name
  • Include the full name of each shareholder with c edule ID if you have Dominican nationality
  • Give specific object of the society
  • You must specify the authorised capital of the company
  • It must be said the distribution of shares among shareholders

It is not necessary now that there are seven shareholders at the time of constituting society.