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Company Incorporation in Egypt

How to start an Egyptian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Egypt.



Company Incorporation in Egypt


We work with legal professionals in Egypt to incorporate companies there. Features of the Egyptian company are described below.

  • The typical institution used by foreign investors is the limited liability company, the WLL (Arabic)
  • The rules for these are different; depending on the province and the activity of the company.
  • There must be anywhere between two to fifty shareholders, who can be individuals or legal entities.
  • There are restrictions on foreigners owning all or some of an Egyptian company in some commercial sectors, you need to ask us of the exact rules.
  • You will need to got, to Egypt at least once to open a company bank account
  • The WLL is required to transfer 5% of its profits for the financial year to a statutory reserve until the reserve exceeds 50% of the total of share capital
  • The minimum share capital is 50,000 Egyptian pounds
  • Sometimes, depending on the business, the headquarters needs to be considered to be appropriate for business. Your proposed premises may well need to be inspected before business starts.


In general, a company pays 40% on corporate profits.

There is also a stamp duty on the Deed produced for the incorporation


There are important laws on employment of people from Egypt, including the need to involve Egypt in the Board of Directors of the business. We ask you to consult us as appropriate, because there is much variety in the various sectors of business.