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Company Incorporation in France

How to start a French limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in France.



Company for Real Estate- the Société Civile Immobilière

Use of the SCI company to buy property in France. The most typical form of company to buy property in France is the Société Civile Immobilière or the SCI. This type of company is used, as it gives some flexibility to the subscribers of the company, to be able to bequeath the property to whoever they wish, in the event of death, rather than follow the traditional inheritance rules in play in France.

What is an SCI company?

How to buy real estate in France
  • An SCI company is a company formed with a registered office in France. The registered office can be in the bulding that is going to be company property.
  • The SCI company is the owner, usually, of one property.
  • The shareholders of the company are, generally, members of the same family.
  • The shareholders do not need to reside in France.

Note: It is important to note that the tax consequences of the purchase of a property through an SCI should be analised in accordance with French law and double tax treaties which France has entered into, before any purchase is made.


In order to keep the SCI company in "good standing", you need to:

  • keep normal company records and prepare annual accounts
  • have regular meetings of the shareholders, to approve the accounts
  • keep proper legal records, for example, of shareholders' meetings

If you do not do this, the company can be considered to not be a real entity, and there will be some tax consequences to this. It is important to take into account that if the SCI does not lodge annual tax returns, it could be taxed at 3% per year, over the deemed worth of the property.

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