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Company Incorporation in France

How to start a French limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in France.



Steps to create a French company

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  • Open a French bank account and deposit the initial capital, the bank will issue a certificate.
  • Post a press release from the creation of the company in a journal approved for legal announcements.
    It must state the name, the manager of the company, the share capital and the registered office.
  • Register the company statutes in the local tax office. These had to be submitted to the tax authorities within one month after the signing. They keep the originals and seal copies of the same.
  • Submit the registration of the company at the Center of Business Formalization.
  • Buy company books: stock books, accounting books. Have the books sealed and initialed by the staff of the Chamber of Commerce. The Journal of the company is the most important book to be sealed.
  • Inform the post of the new company introducing the receipt given by the Center for Business Formalization.