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Company Incorporation in France

How to start a French limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in France.



Types of company in France

  • Sàrl - Société à Responsabilité Limitée. This is the typical limited company in France used almost universally for most buisiness.
  • SCI - Société Civile Immobilière is a company specifically created to hold property.
Type of Company
Number of Shareholders
Minimum or maximum share capital
SCI- Société Civile Immobilière - Civil Property Company 2 members 1 euro minimum share capital- but watch for thin capitalisation!
La Société responsabilité limitée (Sàrl) – Simple limited company Needs 2 shareholders. A single shareholders version, the EURL is also available Minimum 1 euro. 20% to be paid on incorporation, the rest paid within five years.
SCI company, the advantages for real estate Requirements to incorporate in France Société Civile Immobilière: Accounting and tax issues How to buy real estate in France

The steps to incorporate in France

  • Check that the name is not already registered at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).
  • Deposit the initial capital
  • Post a press release from the creation of the company in a journal approved for legal announcements
  • Register the company statutes with the tax office
  • Submit a request to register the company at the Centre for the Formalization of Enterprises (CFE).
  • Buy books from the company, memorandum book, books, inventory, accounting.
  • Having the books sealed and initialed by the staff of the Chamber of Commerce.