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Company Incorporation in France

How to start a French limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in France.



The first page about buying property in France

SCI company, the advantages for real estate

Once you have decided you want to buy property, contact the sales agent

Be sure to do your accounts properly. In France it is usually the buyer pays all fees. In addition to the net purchase price of the property are the notary fees (including stamp duty) that are between 6 and 8% of net purchase price. Will also pay fees to the French agents which may vary between 5 and 15%, although the most common is between 7 to 8%. The prices displayed on the French agents should include the agent's fee (price then the letters appear FAI if that is the case). However, this does not include notary fees so you will need to include

If you have your own legal representative, you also have those fees in the total. When looking at web sites, as well as on their records of French agents always find exactly what fees are included in prices

Take the advice of his agent before making the proposal. In the UK for example, it is customary to offer considerably less than the initial price, but this can be offensive in France

Be sure to see the plans for the property and its grounds before making the proposal

The sale agreement is often the first document signature, but you can ask for a promise to buy especially if you are making a proposal under the approved price of the house. This shows the seller your commitment to buy at the price offered. Is legally binding and therefore a very important document

The sale agreement is like the first draft of the final contract. It basically sets the details of the purchase (what you're buying) and those involved in it (the seller and the buyer) and indicates the amount of money paid (including fees). This document must be signed by the seller and buyer

This is the time to establish the conditions that require and enable it to withdraw from the settlement, for example, his failure to obtain a mortgage, not get permission to convert buildings etc accessories. Such terms should appear on the commitment as "suspensive clauses"

To have made the commitment must present your passport and documents relevant marriage and divorce. If you borrowed money to buy the property, you must provide details of the loan. Ideally you should carry these documents in their hunting trips and thus the process of making the sale agreement can begin immediately, which can take 3 to 4 weeks