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Company Incorporation in Gibraltar

How to start a Gibraltarian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Gibraltar.



Gibraltar: About the Company


The old rules

Gibraltar is a tax haven and in 2009 there was still a distinction between “non-resident” companies who were not subject to tax in the jurisdiction andresident” and “exempted” companies. Many pages on the internet speak about the old rules.

Banking in Gibraltar

There is a small banking sector in Gibraltar, however, banks are generally small and it is therefore recommended that a non-resident company open a bank account outside the country.

Political Situation

Gibraltar has its own legal system, but its citizens vote in European elections as part of the UK. Since its jurisdiction is much less than any other European country, its representation in Europe makes it so that its citizens are over-represented in terms of diplomacy represented by the United Kingdom.

The land was leased from Spain in the eighteenth century, hence Spain has the right to reclaim the territory. Sometimes it has complicated the development of laws and political institutions, but it has no impact on business management.

Gibraltar is not part of the Schengen agreement, and has therefore an international border with Spain.