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Company Incorporation in Gibraltar

How to start a Gibraltarian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Gibraltar.



How to create a new company in Gibraltar?

Non-resident companies
in Gibraltar
Key points for incorporating Gibraltar companies

Gibraltar is part of the European Union, VAT is 0% and chances are you have a corporate tax cut in the future. The law is changing to the UK system so that all companies, whether resident or not, submit their accounts and tax returns, but this is likely to take a few years until the adoption procedure completely.
The creation of a company would be made through resident agents must meet strict rules on "know your customer".

  • You can create one company with one person, being the same person, director and shareholder
  • Local secretary is required, which we provide
  • There is a public register of shareholders, but candidates are allowed
  • Not required to make public the beneficial owner of the company

Advantages of Incorporating a Company in Gibraltar

  • Low corporate tax, none in 2009 and probably 10 to 12% in the future
  • There is no VAT on goods and services
  • Very flexible accounting rules
  • Residence is not required
  • You can set up a company without requiring a visit
  • There is no withholding tax on dividends paid to non-residents