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Company Incorporation in Gibraltar

How to start a Gibraltarian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Gibraltar.



A non-resident company in Gibraltar still exists within the new legislation.

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A company that decides not to be resident, is counted as non-resident if:

  • Its beneficiaries are not resident in the jurisdiction
  • It does not trade locally in Gibraltar

What features does a non-resident company in Gibraltar have ?

The essential requirements for the incorporation of a limited liability company are:

  • The company must have beneficiaries who are not resident in Gibraltar.
  • The company cannot carry out transactions in Gibraltar or trade with residents of Gibraltar.

The taxation of a non-resident corporation

The company will not be considered as having fiscal residence in Gibraltar. There is no need to register for taxes in Gibraltar as long as the company continues to operate exclusively outside Gibraltar.

Can you have a bank account in Gibraltar?

In principle, yes, you can have a bank account in Gibraltar. In practice, it is easier to open bank accounts outside the jurisdiction.