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Managing a Limited Company in Greece

What do I have to do to administer a limited company
in Greece? Accounts, annual statements, annuities,
registered office



The Greek company needs:

  • To keep a registered office. This means paying an annual charge to the people who keep the registered office running
  • Lodging the annual accounts for the company
  • Doing the annual tax return for the company
  • Paying an annual charge for the nominee directors and the nominee shareholders where applicable

Deadlines for the lodging of books of account, financial statements and tax returns.

You need to choose the annual reporting dates for the company. The dates and the returns you need to make depend on the fiscal year chosen. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist you in deciding the start date and the deadlines to present the company returns.

Approximate prices and annuities

Head Office (approximate price):

  • accordance with the laws about head office
  • reception and attention to the legal mail of the company
Presentation of annual accounts, with sending of the tax declaration (approximate price; dependent on low activity)

We specialise in the incorporation, maintenance, formation or registration of your company in Greece.