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Company administration in Hong Kong

What do I have to do to administer a limited company in Hong Kong? Accounts, annual statements, annuities, registered office




A company in Hong Kong is administered with:

  • Maintenance of the company’s office. This means an annuity to the people administering the
    registered office
  • Presentation of annual accounts for the company
  • Annual statement of corporate tax
  • Annuity for nominative directors, nominative shareholders

Orientative prices and annuities

Registered Office and resident secretary with use of a registered agent (mandatory annuity) - €630 from second year and onwards

  • Disposition of Registered Office and Registered Agent in Hong Kong
  • The payment of government fees for the first year
  • Maintenance of the legal documents in the office and maintenance of the shareholders registry and maintenance of the directors registry
  • Attention and reception of legal company mail
  • Forwarding mail service
  • Guarantee that your company will remain in good condition through the payment of a government annual fee and presentation of annual documents
Government fee for the company (€220 from second year)
Accountancy and annual audit work for the company
Annual return of the company

Following anual profit tax return