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Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

How to start a Hong Kong limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Hong Kong.




What do you need to set up a company in Hong Kong?

Only one shareholder is required
  • You only need one director, and the shareholder and the director may be the same person
  • All nationalities can start a company in Hong Kong, a local presence is not necessary
  • The minimum capital is HK $ 1
  • The registered office of the corporation must be in Hong Kong (included in our services)
  • The company secretary (Company Secretary) should be national residing in Hong Kong (included in our services)
  • You must apply for the desired name

Keeping a company in Hong Kong

There are a commercial license for the company which must be renewed each year ((BRC: Business Registration Certificate))

In addition there are the following annual fees:

  • Registered Agent, who acts as company secretary
  • The head office
  • The company's annual accounts