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European options for company incorporation

VAT in Europe
Sale of products in Europe
Distance selling in Europe
  • The price of incorporation and maintenance- in general countries with a British-style administration have flexible accounting, but annual accounts may be subject to audit
  • Countries offering inexpensive incorporations should be avoided; if the company needs to establish fiscal residency for treaties or requires a European VAT number

A guide to the options available.


Price of incorporation

Price of maintenance European VAT number Establishing Residency in Tax Treaties Corporation tax level Possible anonymity
Spain Moderate Low Needs movement of goods Easy HIgh Shareholders
France Moderate Low Easy Easy Very High None
UK Low Low Needs complete office V. Difficult Moderate Shareholders
Portugal High Moderate Easy Easy High Shareholders
Ireland Low Low Needs at least virtual office V. Difficult Low (except non-Irish income) Shareholders
Cyprus High High Easy Needs resident director Low Full
Germany High High Needs complete office Needs resident director Moderate None
Malta High High Easy Easy Low (with a specific structure) Full
Czech Republic Moderate High Easy Easy Moderate None