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Companies in Ireland: Share Capital and Registered Office

How to start an Irish limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Ireland.



The Registered Office of an Irish company

Registered Office and Share Capital in Ireland
Official documents in an Irish Company

The registered office is the address where the company is officially located and where all the legal documents are served and the books of the company are held.

It doesn’t have to be the address where the business effectively takes place. In fact, it is very often the address of the lawyer or accountant or an agent that is dedicated to work as a secretary to the companies.

Close attention must be paid to the company that provides the address of its registered office because it will receive all documents from both the Inland Revenue (Revenue Commissioners) and the Commercial Registry, and must be competent to process and forward such documents.

Official Books

The official books of a company must always be kept at the registered office and made available for inspection by shareholders and other stakeholders.

Share Capital

In the case of most Irish national companies, the record agent of the companies will initially issue the minimum number of shares, normally one or two, with a nominal value of 1 each.

In Ireland, private companies do not need to pay out Share capital.