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Company Incorporation in Liberia

How to start a Liberian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Liberia.



Characteristics of a Company in Liberia


The system of incorporation is very user friendly and the non-resident companies formed are generally are exempt from tax in Liberia.

  • There are catagories including corporations, limited business companies, partnerships, foundations and non-profit companies
  • Non-residents are not subject to tax in Liberia, unless the company is beneficially owned by a taxable person in Liberia, a foreign corporation in Liberia can not do business in Liberia or have real property owned in Liberia, and can not engage in banking, insurance, and insurance brokerage.
  • Directors, managers and shareholders can be of any nationality and the entity can be managed from any jurisdiction. The Registry is organized by an agency with a franchise, the "Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry" as an agent of the Foreign Minister or Minister of Foreign Affairs "
  • Business is permitted in any commercial or financial activity, which is allowed in the Business Corporations Act of the Country. You need one shareholder and a director for a business corporation or company. One person can hold all positions in society, but the same person can not be the sole director and secretary of a limited business company. One member or shareholder and one administrator are insufficient for a LLC.

The incorporation of the company in Liberia

The Registry accepts instructions from any professional practice which deals with the incorporation of companies. The constitution can be made on the same day the order, Documents are available in electronic form on the same day

The registered agent for a society of Liberia

All non-residents of Liberia are legally required to appoint the LISCR Trust Company as registered agent in Liberia. No information about members or administrators is with the Government; documents will remain with the Registered Agent. There is a contact address (The Address of Record), which is an accountant or lawyer outside the country.

In general, prices are subject to a charge of 21% Spanish VAT.

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