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Fees for incorporating a company in Liechtenstein

How to start a limited company in Liechtenstein. Incorporation or formation of a company in Liechtenstein.



What are the fees for incorporating An AG Company?

Reserve the name of your company or obtain permission for use and prepare the forms for the notary or registry

  • Standard government rates and Writing incorporation
  • In general, it is useful to apply a detailed budget
What do we offer?
Estimated Fees

Incorporation with:

  • A bank account (introduction service)
  • Registration for taxes
  • Nominative director
  • Registration for VAT depending on the circumstances

Incorporation with

  • A bank account
  • Registration for taxes
  • Registration for VAT depending on the circumstances
  • Telephone number for the country
  • Fax number for the country
  • Registered office (subject to specific agreement)

In general, prices are subject to a charge of 21% Spanish VAT.