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Company Incorporation in Luxembourg

How to start a Luxembourg limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Luxembourg.



How to form a company in Luxembourg

How to form a Luxembourg company

The normal company is a limited liability company or Société à responsabilité limitée. A type of society may be individual SARL.

Minimum capital of a SARL is € 12,500 which has to be paid and may be deposited in a bank outside the country and expressed in any currency. Forming a LLC need a notary. The articles of association is then recorded in the register: the Administration de l'Enregistrement et des Domaines.

Writing the names, dates and places of birth, occupations of the directors and managers must be registered in the register and the data published in the Official Gazette of the State. The company acquires his personality and existence at the time of the signing of the deed and not the date that presents the information about the society in the newspaper (Memorial)
. The headquarters will be in the Grand Duchy.

Placing social capital in the bank

The difficulty constitute a very large company in Luxembourg is looking for a bank to deposit capital.
Head Office

The Deeds of Association

For a public company, a private company or a partnership, the deed must be signed before a notary.
Record Book

It must be made at the "Administration de l'Enregistrement et des Domaines" within 15 days by the notary or within three months, the two sides.

Advertising for the new company

The writing and the names of the administrators have to be published

  • For full details for Public Companies, a private company, a cooperative or a partnership.
  • With summary data, if a partnership or a limited partnership