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Company Formation in Malta

How to incorporate a company in Malta. Incorporation or formation of Maltese companies.

Registration of Maltese companies

Company taxes in Malta malta
Key points on Maltese companies

The registration of businesses in Malta is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Malta (MFSA). Forming a company may only take 48 hours .. Malta is a very low tax jurisdiction for trading companies.

The costs to create a company in Malta are relatively low, thus making Malta an effective jurisdiction from the point of view of costs, not only for the tax planning of large companies but also for small and medium enterprises.

Advantages of a Maltese company

  • Exemption from taxes (5% implicit tax on business profits of the Maltese company. Full exemption for equity holding)
  • There is no restraint of trade tariffs or restrictions that apply to the distribution of company profits to non-Maltese residents.
  • Anonymity (nominative services offered ensure your (shareholders, directors etc.).
  • High level of privacy protection.
  • Limited liability with a minimum share capital required for the Maltese company (only € 250)
  • The business can be carried internationally with minimal change across the enterprise in Malta.
  • The company in Malta was created using the name you want (subject to approval by the Registrar of Companies).
  • Companies registered in Malta are considered resident in Malta, irrespective of where the ownership or management where the business is carried.
  • Non-residents have every right to hold shares or office of a company in Malta.
  • Annual General Meetings or Maltese companies can be held outside Malta.
  • Companies in Malta may hold funds in banks outside Malta.
  • The procedure for the formation of a company in Malta is usually 48 hours.
  • The professional fees in Malta are among the most competitive in Europe
  • Companies can re-domicile in Malta