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Company Formation in Malta

How to incorporate a company in Malta. Incorporation or formation of Maltese companies.

It is easy to incorporate a company in Malta.


  • No need to be present, not even to incorporate the company
  • Nor to open a bank account there


In principle, it requires a minimum of two shareholders. These may be individuals or companies.

The details regarding the shareholders of a Maltese company are available in the Companies Registry.

A nominated shareholder can be used in order to remain anonymous.


Where to incorporate?
Companies in Europe

The company in Malta should have at least one director, be it an individual or a company. In any case, it is not necessary for the directors to be residents.

The company’s fiscal residence

As a normal rule, the companies in Malta have residence in Malta. To take advantage of double taxation agreements, it will sometimes be necessary to manage the company from within the jurisdiction.

Company Secretary

A Maltese company must have a secretary. It is the duty of the managers to ensure that the company secretary has the knowledge and experience to perform the duties of secretary. There is no statutory requirement that the secretary be resident in Malta.