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Malta: Return of Corporation Tax

How to incorporate a company in Malta. Incorporation or formation of Maltese companies.

A Company in Malta pays 35% companies tax, but most of this amount is recovered through a dividend on the


Matlese holding company.

If there is a profit of 100 on a Maltese company, there is a tax of 35%. Assuming that a dividend of 65% is delivered to the beneficiaries, beneficiaries receive a refund of taxes paid of 30%.

The payment goes directly to the account of the shareholders in the 4 months after the payment of corporate tax.

Therefore, actual taxes paid in Malta are 5%

The payment to shareholders exists if the shareholder is a Maltese company, or a shareholder. The dividend is, however, not taxable in any country if the owner of the trading company is a Maltese holding company.

Furthermore, it can reinvest all the money in the trading company.

Dividends from the holding company to beneficiaries are not taxable and are not subject to withholding. However, through the structure of a "holding company", it is not necessary to distribute or repatriate profits to company.

When to incorporate a holding company

In principle, the cheapest way is to set up a holding company

a year before profits are made.

We offer a unique price if two companies are incorporated simultaneously.