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Company Incorporation in Mexico

How to start a Mexican limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Mexico.




The Company Incorporation


Any company needs to be incorporated with a Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths,

The Deed is called the Constitutive Act and you need to state:

  • The name of the company
  • The Company Articles
  • Appointing the members and their shareholdings,
  • Appointing the board and parents and the specific powers they confer,
  • The duration of the company,

The notary typically takes a "Provisional Tax Identification Card" to facilitate other processes for sociedad.y later entered in the Public Commercial Registry "in the workplace.

Foreign Investment in Mexico

The company must be registered in the National Foreign Investment Registry if any of the partners are foreign.

Registering the Company

There is a "Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI)" and should be given high in the registry.

Many business licenses are the responsibility of the States.

Finally, convert the provisional number one permanent card Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC).