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Registered office for your new company in Morocco

How to start a Moroccan limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Morocco.



Needing Registered office for your new company


We offer services to find a Registered office for the new company.

  • we can arrange a lease with the owner of the premises
  • submit the proper papers to arrange the rent

There are virtual office services in Morocco to help in this regard.

The company must use the facilities during the time period.

Lease in Morocco

The contract is necessary and must receive the stamp of the state. The so-called “contrât du bail” (lease) has to offer sufficient access to the premises.

Our service registered office to create a company in Morocco

We have good contacts and that means we can offer services for:

  • A contact fluid, as many times as you want with the owners of the premises. That’s important in some areas in Morocco where people do not usually speak Spanish.
  • Organize a new lease once the old expires.
  • We provide the translation of the lease, if appropriate.

We have no premises to rent in Morocco, but offer our services to arrange a suitable venue for your business.