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Company Incorporation in Northern Cyprus

How to start a limited company in Northern Cyprus. Incorporation or formation of a company in Northern Cyprus.



Resident Company or International Company


There are two types of companies in Northern Cyprus, the resident company and the international company.

The resident company is cheaper to form, but requires a higher share share capital (80,000 euros).

Resident Company

A resident company (with the 23.5% corporation tax) does not take too much time - around two weeks, as no resident director or representative is needed.

Howerver, you do need to deposit a capital of 80,000 euros (approx) if there is foreign involvement. More information here

International Companies

An international company (with 1% corporation tax) is more complicated to incorporate because you need a director or legal representative.

Time taken is up to four weeks and you need to visit, because of the requirement to have a representative- which requires some responsibilities.

The share capital for an international company is 20,000 euros which does need to be deposited.