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Company Incorporation in Panama

How to start a Panamanian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Panama.



Advantages of a Panamanian company

  • A single person can own 100% of the shares which constitute the entire share capital of a Panamanian corporation, without the company loses its legal personality.
  • The society is free of income tax on income from foreign sources or from another country than Panama.
  • It is useful in planning international benefits. You can check the sale of products or merchandise through a corporate office in Panama at a higher price than that charged to company in Panama for the same goods or goods, while those products or goods are kept outside of Panama;
  • You can use the Panamanian company for their contracts which are held outside of Panama
  • The partners or shareholders may be foreign and may also be other Panamanian corporations or foreign companies.
  • The directors of a Panamanian company can be of any nationality and be domiciled in any country, it is not necessary that Panamanians do not have to reside in Panama
  • The meetings of stockholders or managers can be held in any country and may be conducted by telephone, fax, email or other electronic means.
  • The assets and the corporate capital of a Panamanian company may be located outside of Panama.

Purpose and activities of Panamanian society

Panamanian corporations can have any lawful purpose and may perform any commercial or industrial.

The objectives of the society need not be expressly stated in the Articles of Incorporation, as the Panamanian Law on Companies allows the creation of companies whose deeds contains objectives.

No with holding taxes in Panama

Distribute dividends and shares in a Panamanian corporation or other legal entity if the income was not produced in Panama, including the aforementioned situations.