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Company Incorporation in Poland

How to start a Polish limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Poland.



Polish Pre-constituted Company

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Since establishing a new company is rather cumbersome and time consuming due to the amount of information and documents that need to be gathered, the option of transfering shares in a shelf company that is already formed and registered is often a more efficient and speedy solution. You will in this way have a fully registered, capitalized company ready to trade. This also costs less than registering a new company in Poland.

A new company needs a lot of document gathered, notarized and apostilled in case of overseas investors. This is very time consuming and inconvenient. Furthermore it requires personal attendance at a notary's in Poland, with the presence of a Polish translator, registration in court, at the tax office and the state statistical office. Among other costly and lenghty processes, a minimum capital of PLN 5,000 must also be deposited into the bank account as soon as it is opened.

Hence our recommendation to purchase a pre-constituted company. This company being already registered with an office, an accountant, a bank account, and fully capitalized, ready to trade and invest on the same day it is acquired. The pre-constituted company pays its own registration costs from share capital paid in. It is very cost effective and efficient.