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Characteristics of a Company in the Seychelles

How to start a Seychelloise limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the Seychelles.


Fiscal residence of the company outside the Seychelles Islands

Company Documents

A company can have fiscal residence in another country. That depends on the laws of the countries where the company operates.

Company Directors

The directors can be of any nationality and may reside anywhere.

  • The names of the directors do not appear in public records, except in the articles of association, if the first directors
  • Do not appoint a director who is resident in the country
  • Nominee directors are allowed but not recommended if you want to open a bank account
  • The director may be an individual or a company.

Company Partners or Shareholders

  • Shareholders can be of any nationality and have their tax residence anywhere in the world
  • Only one shareholder is required.
  • There is no maximum limit in the number of shareholders.
  • Nominee shareholders are permitted.
  • The shareholder may be an individual or a company.

Territoriality of an IBC (International Business Corporation) of Seychelles

The company can have a bank account in Seychelles, but in order to maintain its fiscal transparency, it should not do business in the Islands.

You can have:

  • an office to manage the company but have no activities in the Islands
  • employ the services of professionals to manage the company