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Company Incorporation in the Seychelles

How to start a Seychelloise limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the Seychelles.



Are there taxes imposed on a Company in the Seychelles?

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Characteristics of Seychelles

In essence that there is no tax on a company in the Seychelles, but it is possible that:

  • The company is subject to Corporation Tax in another country because of their activity elsewhere
  • It may be subject to VAT and other indirect taxes, if your market is elsewhere.

Fiscal transparency of a company

Tax transparency means that:

  • The company is not taxable itself
  • However, a beneficiary of the company have obligations under the law in their own country. If a person or foreign entity receives income from a partnership, that income may be counted as personal income for tax returns in their country of origin.

Accounting and taxation in an international society

You can withdraw money from a company that has no taxation in the following ways:

  • through a payment of salary, which comes without deductions
  • or through a dividend, without withholding

In principle, the money counts as part of the income of a beneficiary, as soon as a beneficiary enjoys income for the income statement.